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I was born on a Pennsylvania dairy farm in 1969. As a kid, I loved to read and enjoyed school. Instead of wanting to be a firefighter when I grew up, I really wanted to be a teacher because I had a lot of good teachers during my elementary school years. So after high school, I said goodbye to the farm and went off to college to become a teacher. I graduated from Eastern Mennonite University in 1992, moved to Baltimore in 1993 and began teaching in Baltimore City Public Schools at Harbor City High School. After five years with BCPS, I helped start a neighborhood middle school called Mount Clare Christian School, where I taught for three years. From 2002- 2005, I taught adults in a GED/Literacy program in West Baltimore called The Learning Bank. I also teach an ESL class at Baltimore City Community College and tutor adults in a brand new tutoring program housed at a community center in West Baltimore. I am currently the Academic Coordinator at the Fresh Start Program of The Living Classrooms Foundation in Baltimore. I am also currently nearing the completion of my Master's degree in Reading at Coppin State University.